Hey amigo, how are you???

How are you going through this stage of being a father and living with the COVID-19 at the same time?

How are you going through this stage of being a father and living with the COVID at the same time?

My friend Mauricio asked me via WhatsApp the other day, so I thought this was a great opportunity to find some time and post something.

Cooking! Yes, cooking, haha. Like every other person that I know of, locked in the house these days. Truth be told I was never very fond of cooking -or so I thought- and what do you know. It empties the mind and sparks creativity! Here’s what was on the menu yesterday

I’ve hit the tilt switch on work (yeah, like the ones on pinball machines). It seems businesses are either reluctant to continue with completion of sprints (Scrum Agile methodology anyone?) or unwilling to get on moving with new projects, signed-upon or on the verge of. Last week I logged 6 full hours of work. *scream*

To organize tasks I am using a calendar app to plan for my next few work days, but primarily log events that happened and therefore keep track of time invested on projects and private life. The system I’m using is the traffic light one, consisting of three colors/calendars. Green for personal, orange (grey in my case) for errands and red for work-related.

Instead of work as usual, I am reading! Holding our baby in my arms for awhile at a time and walking around makes my Kindle an ideal companion. Finished re-reading Scott Berkun’s “The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work” (which is free on the Kindle version at the time of writing this) and now moving on with Mike Monteiro’s “Ruined by Design: How Designers Destroyed the World, and What We Can Do to Fix It” and “Designing with Sound: Fundamentals for Products and Services” by Amber Case & Aaron Day.

How about sleep? Some disturbance in the force recorded here as well. Let’s have a look at a couple screenshots of what my human-leash smart-watch recorded on two sample weeks

OK and about daily activity and moving around?

In other news, wanting to get a move on with online learning courses and seminars at the end of last year …while not being so happy staring at the same 15″ laptop screen day-in day-out, I opted to buy a smart TV. Avoiding to own one for half-a-dozen years already, it was not the easiest choice. What do you know, a couple weeks before the covid-19 quarantine I opted for a Xiaomi one. It successfully serves a PC replacement for my girlfriend (Cloud apps FTW!), for watching something silly or educational together (Netflix, YouTube, what have you) and for listening to lots and lots of music!!!

Yes, music! The same friend was instrumental in getting me convinced about purchasing a pair of super expensive noise-cancellation headphones. Coupled with a Spotify premium account: a game changer! Not because it blocks the sounds around you, but because it allows you to focus and enjoy the sounds you choose to. Music is such a key part of our lives, weather we accept it or not. Especially in times of such psychological, physical and social stress.

How about a playlist for staying in?

The big news and drive behind sharing all this, is that I’m a father now, to a wonderful girl! A life-changing experience! She really shines in our lives and brings spark to any given moment! Repeated to eternity by all parents of newborns, right? Could not care less. It is utterly true. 🙂 In addition, our cute new family member is a complete time-sucking device! We need no watches any more, smart or otherwise; period. Four-day workweek and four-hour workday says Tim Ferris. Try 4-hour cycles to whatever they demand: your attention on repeat, ha!

Occasionally I find myself on social media also. Tweets like the following one are so hilarious. Go ahead, open it; I’ll wait.

Bless you all.

Stay safe.

Love one-another.

Hang out with people who fit your future, not your history 😉

This post is dedicated to my dearest daughter Sofía, with <3

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