On imposter’s syndrome

Today, September 27th, I am en route to Bologna from Florence and I believe this post will find me one step closer to being part of this amazing team of people.

It will mean I have overcome my imposter’s syndrome and applied to join @a8c

It all dates back about exactly three years ago, in Sofia / Bulgaria ( where I finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and attend the WordCamp Europe there.
I met with amazing people; the people behind the avatars …part of our global community!

Wanna laugh a bit?!
…I think I got somewhere a picture of @markjaquith talking to @nacin over a laptop screen, while I am thinking “OK, this is Mark Jaquith and he is a lead developer (selfie needed) …who is the other fella?!”

This is where I also met my first Automatticians; what a friendly and vibrant group of people they are (everyone I met so far at least)!

I am truly thankful for every single person I met through my involvement with WordPress so far; it has been a great honor, whether we spoke for a minute or we keep regularly in touch and/or done business together.

Remember: The real goal here is not the application; it is beating imposter’s syndrome in its game (and this year has been all about it so far), so here’s to another successful step forward!

What about you? Are you, or were you, suffering from the same syndrome?

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