Yes! This was achieved a few days ago when I received a notification from Google in my inbox.

Blogging about it now because of the hurricane of things happening in my daily life at the moment.

The turning point was when I decided to change my attitude and actively participate in their Google Maps service through their Local Guide program instead of being just a user.

Content is key.

Doesn’t matter if Google wants to create(s) a massive team of real humans populating their index, or not.

Maps are a platform.

Was this always the case though?
The truth about the present is that the possibilities are plenty (and this is not an extensive list by no means):

  • Create your own and keep for your records
  • Help Google know you better and customize your experience
  • Build communities, local and global alike
  • Layer all the things
  • Share your findings
  • Review, review, review
  • Gamification everywhere!

Here’s a link to my profile as a Google Local Guide.

Which mapping service are you using?

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