Logo design for GlotDict browser extension

Participating in the Global WordPress Translation Day (April 24th, 2016) was surely fun and extremely rewarding.

It got even more exciting when, late at night, I was watching an extremely energetic developer present his work on a browser extension for polyglots and translators!

The time was 10pm here in Crete, Greece.
“GlotDict – how a browser extension changes your translation workflow” with Daniele Scasciafratte, developer, author of GlotDict was starting.
A hugely energetic Italian that managed to complete his presentation in around 20 minutes when he had an hour available I think, allowing plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.
Somewhere there Olegs Belousovs mentioned that the extension needed a logo, and this is how it all started.

Firstly he opened a ticket, which I kept open in my browser and I stumbled upon it the next day thinking “Hey, let’s give it a shot”.

Came up with two variants, one with the official WordPress colors and another using colors from the artwork of Sonja Leix (@sonjaleix) for Global WordPress Translation Day.


I presented them both and the one with the official colors got accepted.
The rest is history, as of version 1.0.6 GlotDict sports its shiny new icon.

Head over to the plugin’s github repo to read all about it and participate.
Using Chrome? Here’s instructions + direct download link.
Using Firefox? Here’s instructions + direct download link.

Big thanks to the community, and especially to Olegs Belousovs and Daniele Scasciafratte.

Beautiful things happen when people work together!

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