On passion

Dreams? Goals? Working towards your dreams when you turn them into goals?

My philosophy is this: passion.
Have the passion for your every day! Live it through and evolve; be thankful!

Someone shared with me a music video clip just moments ago and it clicked with me on so many levels…

Dance, music, video, visuals, 2D, 3D, 4D (time!), chemistry, human, computer, stimuli, interaction, collaboration.
Art and technology.

What an exciting day this is!

Go on, do a happy dance:

♥️ you

NOT just today but every day 😉

Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay 2018 🎉

Every man or woman who is sane, every man or woman who has the feeling of being a person in the world, and for whom the world means something, every happy person, is in infinite debt to a woman.

Pioneering Psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott on the Mother’s Contribution to Society